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  The job becomes a pleasure when you have the best parts and the correct tools to fit them with. It takes less time and the end result is so much more rewarding.
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Over the last few years, it has been increasingly difficult for the home mechanic, and even the small to medium independent garages, to carry our some routine maintenance and servicing procedures on even the most popular vehicles. The main reason for this is not a lack of knowledge or skill, but a lack of the proper specialist tooling.

PhoenixMotorsport provides the competent home mechanic, (and the small independent garages,) with the tooling for vehicle maintenance. It is assumed that the mechanic has all the general hand tools required and the skills to use them. This is why we've chosen to supply specialist tools for the seasoned mechanic.

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The parts we manufacture and supply are produced with quality and performance in mind, at a reasonable cost where possible. Our parts are generally not mass produced and we can therefore provide a better product, with a personal service, unheard of until now in the performance car parts marketplace. We cater for the little 600cc Smart car right up to the 5600cc V12 BMW’s with the same passion and attention to detail.

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We have available for you to hire, a full range of specialist tooling to enable you to carry out routine maintenance and repairs on your vehicle, that without this equipment, you would not be able to do so properly or easily. Even routine cambelt/camchain, camshaft, head gasket, brake, suspension and trim tasks can be impossible to carry out correctly without an investment in tools you may only ever use once. Now, the home mechanic, with the skills, but not the specialist tooling required, strikes back at the dealers and manufacturers with this new tool hire service.

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